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10 Day Travel wardrobe

Sympli is the ultimate in travel clothing.  The patented fabric won't wrinkle, fade or stretch out and can be washed out in the sink and hung to dry in your hotel.  It will dry wrinkle free.  Best yet, Sympli designs every piece to mix and match together while adding in helpful items like their smocks that can change up the look with just one piece. 

Here's a list of 10 unique outfits you can create from this 10 day travel wardrobe:

1.  True Tee + Mini Skirt

2.  True Tee + Tank Dress Short

3.  Tank dress short + Shorty Top 

4.  Pivot Pant + Go To Tee

5. True Tee + Mini Skirt + Legging

6.  Go to tee + Shorty Top + Pivot Pant

7.  Go to tee + Crop Smock + Mini Skirt

8.  True tee + Pivot Pant

9.  Go to tee + Legging + Mini Skirt + Crop Smock

10.  Dress + Legging + Shorty Top