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Brumate Daisy Imperial Pint


The Brumate Imperial Pint is quite possibly one of our favorite cups in the new year. These cups are guaranteed to keep your drinks hot for 4 plus hours and cold for over 12 hours. The vacuum insulated walls of the cup ensure that fact. The splash proof lid keeps your coffee, tea, soda, whatever you've are drinking inside the cup where it belongs and not all over you when you're headed into work. Simple! Plus, these Imperial Pints actually fit in your cup holders of your vehicle. No more trying to drive with a coffee cup in between your knees. 

Here in the store, we all love Brumate because they keep our beverages at just the right temperature whether we are sipping at home or outside in the mountains or at the lake.  We love the air tight lids that close shut, keeping bugs out and helping to preserve freshness.  

Made in China.