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Myka Fera Tassel Pendant


Genuine Swarovski Black Diamond rectangular crystal is encased in bright Rhodium that won't tarnish, fade or need polishing.  The Black Diamond crystal pulls both green and grey, depending upon what color is placed behind it. The pendant is embellished with a trendy chain tassel for added style and drama.  Each chain has a tiny grey bead at the bottom as well. The thumble holding the chain is also embellished with small clear Swarovski crystals.  This detachable pendant can be placed on any of our Myka chains that are also in Bright Rhodium. The back of the pendant is branded with the Myka logo to ensure authenticity.  

Pair this lovely and distinctive pendant with our Myka Shari Chain, as pictured, for an elegant and dressy look.  Finish your style with the matching Cia Euro Back earring, also with a Swarovski Black Diamond Crystal.  

Here in our store, customers love Myka for its incredible quality and absolutely stunning colors. All Myka jewelry is plated in Rhodium to offer the wearer jewelry that won’t tarnish or scratch and look amazing for years to come. All stones are Swarovski Crystal and have amazing colors and clarity. Myka pairs very well with Sympli thanks to its coloring and style. Most pieces are interchangeable with the pendants and chains. This is a very well thought out line that is sure to bring the wearer compliments for years to come.