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Sweet Lola

Sweet Lola White Chain Necklace


White with gold fleck bead chain is 16 1/2" long and features a 6" row of opaque white and light rose rectangular stone beads. The clasp of the necklace is a silver colored metal lobster style clasp and features a 2" section of adjustable chain to clasp the necklace together with so you get to pick where it sits on the neckline. All functional features of the necklace such as the clasp and the sections the beads are strung onto, are silver. The clasp area also features a small silver "Sweet Lola" pendant. This piece is lightweight and sits high enough on the neckline that it will layer well with other necklaces and not fight the neck of a blouse or other higher necked shirt.

The light colors featured in this necklace make it a perfect choice to wear with pastels and light colors if you wish to compliment them or will contrast perfectly to a darker piece that is in a darker tone such as navy. Sweet Lola has made this necklace simple enough that it is going to layer with a more dramatic piece easily but also sparkly enough that it stands alone as a single necklace just fine.

Here in our store, customers love Sweet Lola Jewelry for the unique styles and details featured in each piece of jewelry. Sweet Lola offers well made costume jewelry with stunning materials at an affordable price. Each piece is unique and is always a great addition to any wardrobe.

Made in China.