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Sacred Threads

Sacred Threads Knit Blanket Shawl


One Size

Shades of tan, royal purple, hunter green, black, and burgundy are knit together in a Native pattern to comprise this blanket shawl from Sacred Threads. The material is soft and warm making this piece an ideal travel companion. Wear it as a coat replacement on chilly days or to combat chilly air conditioning in the summer time. This piece makes a great gift since there is no sizing. Use it as a blanket in the car or on airplanes and then just wrap it around your shoulders when you want to warm up. The material is a tight knit so the overall weight of this blanket shawl is minimal but that warmth it provides is nice. Works for a variety of body shapes and sizes. The model is 5'3", 120 lbs.

Here in our store, we love Sacred Threads for its quality, unique fashion, and versatility. The items from this line are high quality and use quality materials but won’t break the bank. We love them for their classic fashion that appeals to a variety of ages groups and always enjoy carrying this line. Many pieces from this company are “One Size” and really do work for many figures thanks to the clever fashioning on the garments.

100% Acrylic

Hand wash only.

Made in India.