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Brumate Glitter Pink Uncork'd Glass


We just love the Brumate Uncork'd Glass. Brumate's amazing technology keeps your wine cold until the very last sip and that is always important. Plus, these glasses hole up to half a bottle of wine, or 14 ounces so that means you won't have to stop what you are doing to go refill your glass! We also love that while the wine stays cool, the exterior does not thanks to the vacuum insulating inside the walls of the glass. And the spill proof lid is pretty important too. It is just too hard to try and juggle grilling and holding a wine glass sometimes so let Brumate help you out!

Here in the store, we all love Brumate because they keep our beverages at just the right temperature whether we are sipping at home or outside in the mountains or at the lake.  We love the air tight lids that close shut, keeping bugs out and helping to preserve freshness.  

Height: 4 6/8 inch
Circumference: 11 1/8 inch
Diameter: 3.54 inch
Capacity: 14oz



Made in China