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Brumate Matte Black Hopsulator Trio


We just love Brumate and this is one our favorite items from them! This three in one can holder is vacuum sealed to keep drinks ice cold or warm for hours. The Hopsulator Trio features patented one of a kind features that allow you to hold both 12 and 16 ounce cans no trouble. To use the Trio as a 16 ounce can holder, just insert the can through the patented gasket locking mechanism. If you would like to use the Trio for a 12 ounce can, simply add the base insert that slides inside the Hopsulator Trio and put your can on top. This base can be frozen to keep drinks ice cold for hours and the rubber gasket at the top of the trio keeps cans snug so that they won't slip out and spill. To use the Hopsulator Trio in its third style, all you have to do is remove the base insert and unscrew the rubber gasket, This allows you to fill the Trio with any hot or cold drink you desire and the lid is guaranteed to keep it from spilling all over the place. Since the Brumate Hopsulator Trio is vacuum sealed, drinks will stay cold or hot for hours on end. It is perfect for keeping beer or soda cans cold as well as keeping drinks such as tea or coffee piping hot. Plus there is not condensation on the outside of the container to have to worry about! See why it is one of our favorites? It is so versatile!

This Trio fits all 16 oz. cans as well as Miller Lite and Coors glass and aluminum bottles. It is not designed to fit slim cans and will not work for Coors 12 oz. cans. It does fit all 12 oz. soda cans. It also fits beverages from 375 mL to 500 mL.

Here in the store, we all love Brumate because they keep our beverages at just the right temperature whether we are sipping at home or outside in the mountains or at the lake.  We love the air tight lids that close shut, keeping bugs out and helping to preserve freshness.  


Height: 6 1/8"

Circumference: 9 7.5/8"

Diameter: 3.14"

Capacity: 16 oz.