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Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott Rhodium MOM Strand Necklace


Kendra Scott Rhodium MOM Necklace is the perfect necklace for Mother's Day.  This 16 inch silver necklace plated in Rhodium has a delicate chain with the letters "M" "O" "M" and a small heart strung across the front.  Wear it by itself or layer it with other necklaces.  It will never tarnish, fade or need polishing.

Kendra Scott is new to our store, but not new to the jewelry market.  The company’s motto is family, fashion and philanthropy.  The line is conceptualized and designed in Austin, Texas using a combination of old world techniques and modern technology.  This trendy jewelry line uses semi-precious stones and glass.  The gold is 14 karat plated brass and the silver is Rhodium that never needs polishing.  The line is designed to be layered, so let your creativity loose!