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Myka Crystal Teardrop Earrings

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Myka Crystal Teardrop Earrings are Genuine Swarovski crystal. These beautiful tear drop earrings are perfect for any dressy occasion. The earring is set off with bright silver plated rhodium. The back of each earring is solid silver in color and is textured for added grip when putting the earrings on. 

Myka Designs initial creative and production process is similar manner to that of fine jewelry, beginning with conceptual detailed drawings, which are then carved into wax ‘lost wax method’ or directly into white metal. Once these ‘models’ are approved by Maja & Michael they are then reproduced into various designs and cast in brass, stainless steel and lead free pewter. Myka Designs has been ‘Crystallized’ by Swarovski AG Austria, verifying that they use authentic Swarovski crystals, beads and even crystal pearls and that the designs have been approved for the Crystallized/Swarovksi Elements branding program