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Tagua by Soraya Cedeno

Tagua By Soraya Cedeno Canyon Necklace


A bold statement piece that'll make heads turn. 
  • Adjustable 20"-38" L
  • Materials: Sustainable Tagua nut, Bombona seeds, Recycled wood, Acai Berries
  • Faux leather cord
  • Organic Vegetable dyes
  • Handmade in Ecuador
  • Due to the nature and size of the tagua nuts, all sizes are approximate…not exact.
  • Due to the natural products, colors vary slightly 

Pair this necklace with our Tagua Ring of Life Earring in Turquoise for the perfectly matched pair.  Items sold separately.  

Here in the store, our customers love Tagua Jewelry because of its distinctive design and unique colors.  All of the jewelry is made from the Tagua nut which is a fruit that grows on a certain palm tree found mainly in the Ecuadorian forest.  The nuts are harvested from the ground of the rainforest or from the tree itself and then put through a long process of being dried, died, carved and assembled.  The carved Tagua feels much like ivory.  This is why it is sometimes referred to as vegetable ivory.  Many of the necklaces are adjustable, making them very versatile.  This jewelry line is sustainable and fair trade, providing dignified jobs and empowering Ecuadorian artisans.