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08/02/2018 Everyone is so accomodating, I needed to take an item to my alteration gal to see if she could fix it to fit. Easy to check out the item and then come back and pay for itl Thanks so much!!!!!

07/29/2018 Friendly service

07/26/2018 You carry all the styles O love and at a reasonable price. Thanks

07/25/2018 I can't think of anything you could improve!

07/23/2018 I love FC - great products and great customer service!

07/21/2018 When you are shopping on lunch break, the help and assistance from Liz and Kyleen made it possible to make it back to work on time. They know the store, products and best of all, customers! Multi tasking with great skill is awesome! Thank you!!

07/19/2018 Very organized, size, styles...

07/18/2018 The variety of clothing and styles.

07/09/2018 I received wonderful service from Dawn. It’s always fun to see all the new items in the store.

06/30/2018 The service is phenomenal. Thanks ladies you always makes me feel special

06/27/2018 Hi Dawn, I loved how you showed me your wallet from Anuschka that you've been using for years. Proof that the product holds up because of the good grade of leather. As well as the paint . Its hard to believe, but its true! That's the most expense hand bag I've ever purchased. I also like that its not heavy. Shoulders really take a beating with heavy bags. Suzy

05/31/2018 I enjoyed my visit, I can not think of anything that would have made my experience better.

05/29/2018 I have shopped in the store for 10 years now since we moved to Casper and I think the staff and owners are wonderful, they always treat me like I am special and show me new things that they think I might like. I love the fact that they bring back jewelry samples because not everyone else in town is going to have the same look. Dawn and Kyleen are also very generous to the community and support downtown activities, thank you all for what you do!

05/21/2018 I really like the employee who helped me today. She has been there several when I have shopped

05/18/2018 The sales person was friendly and very helpful. Loved the clothes and the prices.

05/15/2018 Great selection of clothing from casual to business and evening wear. The prices are very reasonable and awesome selection of styles and designers. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable.

05/07/2018 It was incredibly helpful that the staff knew the store so well. They were able to immediately find the items and sizes I wanted to try and it made for an enjoyable shopping experience!

05/05/2018 Everyone is so friendly & helpful.

05/01/2018 Staff is very friendly and helpful